Hello! I’m Raza Panjwani, a recovering attorney and lover of odd trivia, and this is my personal website. You can also find me on LinkedIn, occasionally on Bluesky, and sometimes on Mastodon. I am no longer active on Twitter.

Currently I am Senior Policy Counsel at New America‘s Open Technology Institute where I work on connectivity policy, i.e. ensuring universal (and affordable) access to a free and open internet. Previously I led policy for the hardware design, development and manufacturing divisions of Reality Labs; regulatory strategy at Tidepool, a non-profit developing open source software to improve the lives of people with diabetes (like Tidepool Loop!); public policy at Scotty Labs (acquired by DoorDash), an autonomous vehicle start-up in San Francisco; and was Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge, a Washington, DC-based public interest organization advocating for consumer rights in tech.

I like to take photos, and beforeĀ I went to law school, IĀ studied architecture and history. I support tinkering, the oxford comma, and the New York Mets (sigh).

You can find some things I’ve written and said here, and some things I’ve done or am doing on the Projects page.